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Acumatica or Another ERP System?

How to Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

As you sift through enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems available on the market today, you’ll eventually find the major players pitted against each other. It should be easy to compare Acumatica to solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, for example, but the facts can be confusing. 

We’re here to show you why Acumatica is Rockton Connect’s choice for our customers. (Hint: there really isn’t any competition!)

The Born-in-the-Cloud Advantage

Acumatica was built for the cloud from the ground up, so it offers the natural speed and scalability of a cloud-native solution. Where other ERP systems have simply migrated their on-premise solutions to the cloud and struggled to stay adaptable and efficient, Acumatica inherently excels at evolving as technology does—delivering intuitive, flexible applications and capabilities based on its unique architecture.

Unbeatable Integrations

Acumatica offers APIs that allow users to integrate it with nearly any external system. Other ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central choose to limit their integrations with popular software systems—thereby also limiting users’ ability to unify their technology environments. Acumatica works for every ecosystem, supporting a streamlined tech stack.

Future-Proofed with a Human Touch

Acumatica’s nuts and bolts are designed to infinitely evolve. Its code base isn’t locked into a framework from last century—as is the case with other ERP systems. Its software optimizes every business functionality with an eye for what the future holds.

Learn More About Why Acumatica Takes the Cake

Rockton Connect helps organizations leverage this powerful software to drive more productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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Already Using Microsoft?

It’s tempting to assume you should stay in Microsoft’s universe if you’re a business that needs to move off of Dynamics GP because it’ll be an easy migration to Business Central. The reality is that any move away from Dynamics GP is going to be a complete re-implementation of an ERP system—no matter what provider you choose. In fact, moving off of Dynamics GP is the perfect time to embrace a modern, intuitive solution like Acumatica. Rockton Connect can help!

Pricing That Just Makes Sense

Most ERP systems charge you per user, so every person that needs access to the system costs more money. Acumatica chargers per server based on how many transactions your business runs. 

Transactions are treated as whole workflows. For example, the journey a sales quote makes through order, invoice, pick list, pack list, receivables document, and payment. That journey is one transaction, and your fee is calculated based on how many of your lengthiest transactions you perform in one month. You pay based on the computing power you use—not the number of people who need to access the system.

Easy Upgrades with the Right Partner

Upgrades seem like a pain no matter what ERP system you use, but with Acumatica, you are given a sandbox phase in which to test the upgrading capabilities. Rockton Connect walks you through that phase, and we always stay keen to the new features coming out. We get to know your business so we can alert you to the features that really matter to your operations, and we make upgrading in Acumatica as smooth as possible.

Get a FREE Implementation of Acumatica Small Business Edition—A $25,000 Value

Sign up before December 15, 2023 to receive a free implementation of Acumatica Small Business Edition (up to 10 users) from Rockton Connect.

The Small Business Edition is great for small and growing companies, looking to move from a non-GAAP compliant accounting product such as QuickBooks to a GAAP compliant and scalable ERP. Acumatica Small Business Edition is limited to General Ledger, Cash/Banking Management, Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP). Other modules can be added for additional cost, although some are unavailable for the Small Business Edition.

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Choose the ERP Solution That Evolves with You 

Rockton Connect has seen the power of Acumatica to transform businesses’ financial and accounting processes. Discover how this ERP system can future-proof your business today through automation.

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