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Modernize Your Distribution Business with Powerful ERP and Pricing Management 

Distributors streamline sales orders, inventory management, cost control, and more with Rockton Connect and Acumatica—the ERP system of choice for distribution.


Simplify Complex Pricing Processes and Rebate Management

From managing rebates to supply chain challenges to rapid price changes, we transform your pricing management from a messy burden to a streamlined, sophisticated workflow.

Minimize Margin Leakage, Boost Profits

Our ERP solution with pricing management allows distributors to price competitively, automate manual pricing processes, and gain better insight into margin leakage—strengthening your bottom line.

Eliminate Manual Pricing Errors

Your sales people no longer need to manually manage pricing—introducing errors and wasting time by toggling between limited technology and spreadsheets.

"As a company that manufactures new products daily and has unique contracts with different retailers, Rockton Pricing Management has been essential. Instead of managing custom pricing across thousands of products and hundreds of customers, we set it up once and forget it. When business needs change, RPM's flexible nature allows us to adapt to any scenario and continue saving our team massive amounts of time and headache."

- Sami D’Amico | Head of Tech | Mammoth Distribution

Tired of having to import and export data from spreadsheets into other software to meet pricing needs? Rockton Connect helps distributors to surpass the pricing management limitations of other ERP systems.

Create/Update Price Schedule

Discover What Automation Can Do for Your Distribution Business

Rockton Connect helps distributors leverage the power of Acumatica to optimize every process.


Gain Visibility into True Costs and Across Inventory

Get real-time information on available inventory, reorder quantities, and more. You’ll control costs across your entire supply chain and be able to determine profitability by product line, warehouse, business unit, and more.


Speed up Sales and Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Acumatica enables distributors to optimize quoting, entering, and filling orders. You’ll minimize costs while automating purchasing processes to ensure a steady supply of materials.


Manage All Distribution Needs in One Place

As a cloud solution, Acumatica gives distributors the ability to easily manage warehouses, vendors, supply chains, and logistics in one place—all while connecting those activities to financial and sales data anywhere, at any time, on any device.

These Businesses Turn to Rockton Connect to Transform Distribution Operations:

Optimize Distribution Pricing, Sales, Costs, and More

Rockton Connect’s ERP solution with pricing management empowers distributors to turn pricing management from an error-prone time-waster into an easy profit driver. 

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