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3 Simple Ways to Automate Your Compliance Processes

Shadi McFadden Tyson Sep 23, 2021 10:00:00 AM
3 Ways to Automate Compliance

3 Simple Ways to Automate Your Compliance Processes

Compliance is critical in the cannabis industry. But it’s not the only thing your business needs to be successful. So how do you maintain a safe and legal cannabis supply chain while accelerating growth? 

The answer lies in a modern approach to tracking, tracing, and reporting. Here are three methods you can implement to automate your compliance processes and save time for driving revenue-boosting business goals: 

1. Implement real-time inventory management and tracking.

Advanced inventory management with barcode scanning and RFID tracking gives you real-time access to what’s on hand and what’s in transit. 

When dealing with the processing and manufacturing of consumables, there’s another important inventory management feature: perishable inventory and lot (serial) traceability. A go-to strategy is to use shelf life and expiration dates to manage perishable inventory with first-expired-first-out (FEFO) picking. Don’t forget to also capture and create lot and serial numbers for traceable inventory and ingredients.

2. Integrate with state compliance systems.

Compliance alone can be a headache - not to mention everything else that must be done to keep your business competitive. 

You can reduce compliance headaches by syncing directly with your state’s compliance systems, including BioTrackTHC and METRIC. This approach offers full transparency from bud to budtender (and may even decrease the likelihood of surprise audits). 

3. Automate documentation with customizable workflows.

There’s a saying: Build it once, sell it twice

That’s a good practice to keep in mind, especially when it comes to automation. Once you have a clear idea of what your documentation and regulatory requirements are, create an outline for what information needs to be included, who it should be sent to, and by what date. Most modern enterprise resource planning systems allow you to easily create customizable workflows to automate compliance documentation and reporting - eliminating tons of work and backtracking for your team in the future. 

Remember, compliance shouldn’t be the final goal or end result. It’s a bare minimum that businesses need to stay active with constantly evolving regulations. 

Fortunately, Quantumleaf’s cannabis business management software helps organizations reach 100% compliance, then goes beyond to help them scale and manage a successful cannabis operation. Discover how Quantumleaf and Rockton Connect can get your cannabis business up and running on a fully mobile solution in no time.